An Introduction of Zhejiang Photographic Press

Zhejiang Photographic Press, a division of Zhejiang Publishing United Group, was found in 1984. Since the establishment, we have been focusing on publishing photography and illustrated books with high quality, good taste and fine style. There are several editorial departments within the house which publish books on a wide range of fields including photography, culture & fine arts, education, landscape design and digital publications. We also publish a magazine called Zhejiang Pictorial which is considered as a window to the Zhejiang Province. In 2009, Zhejiang Photographic Press was certified as a first class publishing house, aka the 'Top 100 Publishing Houses in China', by the General Administration of Press and Publication, the supervisor of the Chinese publishing industry. In 2011, the company was awarded as a leading collective by China publishing authorities.

Zhejiang Photographic Press takes “going abroad” as an important strategy and has cooperated with publishing companies from Italy, Portugal, United States, France, Russia, Serbia, Japan, Mongolia, Romania, Albania and etc. to publish local edition of our books including Understanding China, China the Beautiful, The Stories of Tea, The Illustrated Classic of Tea, Approaching Tibet, Chinese Childhood Picture Book series. We have several books chosen as “China Classic International” project, “B&R Book Program”, “China Book International” project. We are passionate and determined to make the Chinese culture accessible to the international community.


Yao Pu