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Get Warmer is a game development collective based in Philadelphia, PA. We also shoot motion capture animation for a wide variety of purposes from Drexel University's ACE Lab.

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Video Games

We want to make the games we want to see in the world. Playstations for brains and Game Boys for hearts.

Motion Capture

We shoot and create organic, fair trade, and artisanal motion capture with the best talent Philly has to offer. Buy them in packs or contact us for custom work. Also contact us if you would like to suit up in the Lycra and Velcro yourself.

Game Jams

Game jams are small games created in a short time. We are big fans of the Philly game scene and game jams are a big part of the scene. Check out these little guys.


Helpful videos on motion capture, 3D animation and rigging, and game development

Contact Us

If you are interested in working with us please feel free to contact us. We are up for doing custom mocap shoots and collaborating on games.