Game Jams

Games made in a limited amount of time based on a theme. Usually done at Philly Dev Night

Chimp Change

Spin one analog stick to grind your organ. Navigate a monkey with the other to rob the crowd you draw. Made with help from Camden Segal. Winner of the Three Rings: My Monkey Buddy jam. Requires a controller to play.

Windows version Mac version

Lonely Lighthouse

Control a cute little lighthouse who loves boats but can't let them too close or they'll sink. Move with WASD and change the direction of light spin with < and >. Made with help from Rachel Stine. Winner of the Philly Love Jam.

Play in browser, just not Chrome :(

Point Break: The Game

The 2015 Philly Game Jam theme was create a bad movie tie-in game. We picked Point Break. Use Up and Down to surf, avoid the cops, Johnny Utah, meatball subs and footballs while trying to rob banks. Made in 24 hours.

HTML 5 version Windows version Mac version

Super BMX Fighto Turbo Edition

A BMX jousting game where I learn how not to do Unity's physics. Fun time bad ragdoll. Controller required.

Windows version on Itch dot IO